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Rife Machine

What is a Rife Machine?

A Rife Machine is a device that generates frequency signals. These frequency signals are pre-determined by scientists who work and test the effects of the frequencies on organisms, body cells, tissue, glands, organs and systems of humans, animals and plants. All matter contains a natural frequency that is based on various aspects including the size, density and structure of the matter. Resonance is accomplished when external frequency energy is applied to that matter. The matter will vibrate to the maximum energy level that environmental aspects will allow. Low frequencies will stimulate large bodies like an arm or an organ, for example the liver. Higher frequencies will stimulate a finger or a gland, for example the adrenals. High frequencies will stimulate body cells, freeing toxins, stimulating healing and promoting overall health. Very high frequencies will resonate organisms, for example fungi, bacteria and viruses. These organisms have a very weak membrane that is easily torn by the effects of the resonance, resulting in the destruction of the microbe. In the case of viruses, its protein structure is damaged or shuttered, resulting in an ineffective virus.

What does it do?

The Rife Medic is a wonderful and very effect alternate healing tool, not only for acute conditions such as infections, aches and pains, detoxing but also for chronic conditions such as auto immune disorders, arthritis, MS, Migraine and chronic headaches, circulation,  and much more!  A good quality Rife Machine and correct protocols will bring about very good results to the conditions programs were compiled for. You can accomplish these results safely and without side effects or harm. Again, the best approach is a holistic one where all factors are considered and several measures are taken.


 This center was established as a dream, after the passing of our mother Mona Mahomed. An oath was taken that if we can help it that no other person will have to suffer the consequences of a dreaded disease. Our team is comprised of Free Mind Health, Compraprac Medical & Doctors Across Borders all of which have healing from the heart as their motivation


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