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Body cleansing & detoxification

What is the 'Dr. B Jensen 7 Day Tissue Cleanse'?

This ultimate 7 day cleanse is an adapted version of the original program designed by the "father" of colon hydrotherapy and Iridologist Dr. Bernard Jensen. Designed to cleanse the digestive system of impacted and old waste, the program requires 7 days of juice fasting, combined with colon hydrotherapy and optional manual lymph drainage, reflexology or aromatherapy treatments.

What does it do?

This program is a deep cleanse of all the body's elimination channels (colon, liver, kidneys, lungs and skin) and will leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy.  During this time, the body is revitalized and the fasting exerts a normalizing effect on the body.  This particular fasting is safe and natural. In nature both animals and children fast naturally when they are ill and after a day or two in the program it gets easier and easier with each passing day.
The program starts with a medical questionnaire, making sure that it is safe for you to undertake the program. After this, the supplements and juicing program are explained in detail.  You will start your fast on Monday and end on a Sunday morning undergoing 5 colonic treatments from the Tuesday to Saturday.
Treatments can be done any time of day; however we find that morning treatments assist by making it easier to fast.  Food is slowly introduced over a three day period at the end of the fast.  I encourage our clients to go ahead and work as per normal during the fast and most cope easily with their daily tasks.

What does it cost?

[button type="primary" size="large" link="#"]R3600 [/button]
(includes 5 colonic treatments and all supplements required for fast, but does not include juices)


 This center was established as a dream, after the passing of our mother Mona Mahomed. An oath was taken that if we can help it that no other person will have to suffer the consequences of a dreaded disease. Our team is comprised of Free Mind Health, Compraprac Medical & Doctors Across Borders all of which have healing from the heart as their motivation


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