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Resonance/Frequency Therapy

What is Resonance or Frequency Therapy?

Vibrational Medicine is a blend of western and eastern thought and produces wonderful results. It sees the physical body as the signature or footprint of the invisible “electric” body. This is based on Einstein’s view of matter, which says, matter “will release energy when taken apart”. For example, the splitting of an atom in an atomic explosion. The Einstein model sees the human being as a network of energy fields that co-exist and coalesce: that is condensed energy resonating at a healthy or sick frequency.

What does it do?

Vibrational Medicine teaches that health and sickness are manifestations of “errant” energy at the subtle energy level. Healing requires establishment of energy “balance” before the body can become “whole”.
Vibrational healing manipulates energy. An example of energy manipulation would be running a magnet over a computer disk or a DVD. The magnet neutralises energy stored on the disk by cancelling the “footprint” of the energy message. If the energy message were a disease condition, a positive change in health would occur when the negative “footprint” is neutralised. Whenever positive energy gains the upper hand, the body returns to a state of homeostasis (health balance).


 This center was established as a dream, after the passing of our mother Mona Mahomed. An oath was taken that if we can help it that no other person will have to suffer the consequences of a dreaded disease. Our team is comprised of Free Mind Health, Compraprac Medical & Doctors Across Borders all of which have healing from the heart as their motivation


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