The World’s Waste Will Feed The Poor

TWWWFTP Logo1This is not MY concept, but I sincerely believe a message from God for the caring people of earth!

It came to me in the very early hours of the morning and I wrote it down.

It is far too clever for simple me to have thought this concept up!

I do, however, hate the suffering of the needy and the poverty around, particularly when innocent children are born into it. I also detest the waste I see around me everyday. This is unforgivable when I know millions of people are starving to death and very few people care while the rich get richer!

VISION: To create a non-profit organization infrastructure to collect the waste from anyone who will join the WWWFTP and to turn this waste into jobs that will create value so that the poor can be fed with the proceeds.

Benefits: They are many and I list a few:

  1. It will create jobs.
  2. It will clean up our planet.
  3. It will create valuable items for re-use.
  4. It will stop the horrendous waste of the planet’s resources.
  5. It will reduce the cost of some goods.
  6. It will reduce waste dumps and landfills.
  7. It will reduce the necessity for people to live near by these dumps.
  8. It will reduce health risks.
  9. It will reduce crime because the devil finds work for idle hands.

I am sure a group of dedicated people, working towards the same goal could think of hundreds, perhaps thousands and more.

 Items for collection

  • Food – from hotels, restaurants and bakeries
  • Clothes – form shops and private homes
  • Shoes – from private homes
  • Linen – from institutions and private homes
  • Material – from factories, shops and private homes
  • Jerseys – from shops and private homes
  • Toys – from shops and private homes
  • Toilet rolls and paper towel cores – from private homes
  • Plastic bags and sheeting to be re-used – from private homes
  • Paper – from shops and private homes
  • Board – from shops, factories and private homes
  • Cartons and boxes – from shops and private homes
  • Tin – from streets and private homes
  • Iron – from scrap yards, factories streets and private homes
  • Wood from streets, factories and private homes
  • Ink cartridges – from businesses
  • Computers and monitors – from businesses
  • Software – from businesses
  • Photocopy cartridges – from businesses
  • Printer cartridges – from businesses
  • Lawn cuttings – from private municipalities and private homes
  • Unwanted trees – from private homes
  • Oil – from garages, factories and private homes
  • Batteries – from cars, torch and cell phones, garages, factories and private homes
  • Garden refuse – from dumps, municipalities and private homes

I am sure a thousand other items could be thought up!

I am aware that there are organizations already in place to do some of these collections e.g. Mondi Waste Paper, Collect-a-Can and so on, but they only really benefit the big organizations as it saves them spending money on raw materials. The poor (collectors) only benefit minimally. In some instances, it creates crime. If the poor could be taught to produce saleable goods from the waste listed above, prices would in fact come down and can be sold in their communities. A collection system could be mobilized using all hardly-used home trailers.

I also envisage creating mini-industries which will create jobs and produce cheaper goods e.g. tomato paste, glass blowing, and simple steel products.

This is contrary to the BIG profit-makers’ goal so conflict would arise. Nonetheless, we would have to sell them on the concept that the poor and squatter dwellers are their future markets and labour source.

Needs: It needs dedicated people who are prepared to contribute of their time and thinking processes to encourage others to join. The housewife, for example, who will have to separate her waste at home – before it is “collected” – not dumped.

Community-minded companies such as Pick-it-up, Pick n’ Pay, Mondi, SAPPI, SAB, Kohler and many others could be approached to assist in the financing and distribution of these re-manufactured and re-cycled goods.


Just think of how many cores from toilet rolls, paper rolls end and teabags end up in the waste dumps (landfills) which eventually pollute the underground water. If a use could be found for them, another product could be made quite simply by people who have had minimal training. The same applies to batteries, old computers monitors and all the other items listed for collection above.

Just imagine if all the scrap iron on farms (e.g. old motor-cars and tractors in back yards) could be turned back into sheet metal for cans, what clean countryside we would have. The same goes for paper, board, plastic, oil and tin cans and anything else that is useful.

The symptoms of this poverty are AIDS, Crime and Godlessness!

Prepared by G.L Joubert Tel. 011-465-4050

How to take part

Here are the pledges. Which ones will you perform?

  • Recycle household waste using facilities provided locally
  • Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth
  • Switch to using energy-saving light bulbs
  • Leave the car at home at least once a week and cycle, walk, share a car or use public transport more often
  • Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones
  • Reuse carrier bags when you shop
  • Buy more seasonal and unpackaged food
  • Hang your washing up to dry rather than using a tumbler dryer
  • Organize or volunteer in an environmental project in your local community
  • Pay back the environmental impact of any flights you take and choose to fly when there’s a suitable alternative.




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